UK & Destination Wedding Videographers are constantly evolving….

You can never stand still and be complacent as a modern uk or destination wedding videographer. There are constant developments in camera technology, in wedding filming techniques and subtle changes in clients expectations and needs that all have to be taken on board in order to be the best wedding videographer possible.

My wedding filming style is adaptable to each wedding, from a full on party vibe such as Marc & Dominique in my Barbados wedding film above to classic European wedding videography for more traditional or rustic weddings.

Every year I attend wedding filming workshops worldwide to learn from the best UK and destination wedding videographers to push MoviArt Films higher and higher in both quality, approach and industry standing. In recent years these have included:
Philip White whose stripped back and low key approach has influenced an incredible amount of current wedding videos is rightly regarded as one of the best UK wedding videographers,
Riccardo Fasoli, (Kreative Weddings): Germany based leader in destination and elopement wedding videos, producer of the famous ‘Elopement in Scotland’
Jeff Wood: Jeff’s dedication to applying true filmmaking values to the wedding video has consistently raised the bar for all of us and his standing as one of the best destination wedding videographers in the world is thoroughly deserved.
Ian Badenhorst. (Vison on Fire) One of South Africa’s leading wedding videographers who’s approach and philosophy gets him to the heart of the wedding day.
Tim Twinem: (Velare) As one of the best destination wedding videographers Tim’s unique vision has made him one of the most respected wedding filmmakers in both his native USA and throughout the world.
Keeping on top of how the best names in the wedding film industry are approaching their art makes me constantly re-evaluate my own approach to story, composition, equipment and presence on the wedding day whether as a UK or Destination wedding videographer.

Story and pacing are everything – letting the wedding film breathe…

Shadows + Light: capturing time…

The following stills taken from our wedding films illustrate not just how important what you see is but also the way you see it. The best wedding videographers use light as a painter does, to create depth, to remove distractions or most importantly to focus the eye.



destination wedding videographers lighting