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Dordogne wedding


Laughter, Love and the Art of Storytelling

A film-maker for over 10 years my weddings have taken me to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world but the heart of my work always stays centred on people, not only the two centre stage but just as importantly their family and friends.

I use small cameras, minimal equipment & stay in the background. Most guests wont even realise you have a wedding videographer which gives me a truly authentic perspective when I’m creating your wedding film. My ethos is to capture real moments beautifully and craft these into memories that will stand the test of time.

Many wedding videographers claim their work is unique but very often all the films follow a formula – they all look the same. Every wedding has it’s own story to be told which is why no two films of mine look the same and are uniquely tailored to the individual wedding and the couple at the centre of it.

I won’t be hanging your dress in a tree, I won’t be asking you to pretend to laugh with your bridesmaids – your day will be filled with enough fun, laughter & love to create a wedding film full of real emotion.

and real emotion is beautiful.



We began MoviArt Films in 2009 when the cinematic approach to wedding filming was just beginning. With backgrounds in fine art, recording studio engineering & graphic design the creative demands of contemporary wedding filming suited our skill set perfectly. Every wedding commission is a chance to craft a work of art & there is no other medium we would rather work in. We generally shoot solo but we often work together on larger weddings.

Having two rescue dogs and horses we spend as much time outdoors as we can which balances against the hours in the editing suite. Travelling extensively & experiencing different landscapes and cultures is something very close to our hearts & is also massively important to represent in a UK or destination wedding film.

But enough about us, click the link below and see what makes our work unique…