Eaves Hall Wedding Video: Peter & Emma by MoviArt Films


This Eaves Hall wedding video is still one of my favourite edits even after a couple of years. Not your standard intro…or ending for that matter but it just felt right and takes you on a real journey through their wedding day rather than just a series of pretty shots (although Eaves Hall looked truly stunning thanks to the wonderful Red Floral decorations.).

Peter and Emma are just the loveliest couple and just so much fun as you can probably tell, it was one of those days where if it wasn’t tears of emotion it was tears of laughter which is what a wedding day should be right? The thing with an edit like this was you can only do it once and this was the perfect couple and wedding day, that’s why every MoviArt film is completely different and totally built around the couple and day itself.

With Eaves Hall being only a short drive from our home in the Ribble Valley an Eaves Hall wedding video comes up more often than any other in our itinerary.

We offer a range of film options from the short wedding videos featured on this page to longer feature films and full multi camera ceremony and speech edits as well as social media videos, entertainment edits and any special requests you may have that will enable us to craft your wedding film into a perfect and lasting memory of your day.

Recommended Eaves Hall Videographer

MoviArt Wedding films are proud to have been a recommended supplier for Eaves Hall, Mitton Hall and the other fantastic wedding venues in James Places portfolio for many years now. We are well versed in how the run the day, impeccably it must be said, and we liaise closely with the venue and staff throughout the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly and flawlessly.

It cant be stressed enough how important having recommended suppliers is on your wedding day as the venue needs to know you wont be disappearing with the bride and groom for hours and delay any of the carefully planned events during the day, especially the wedding breakfast!

Being a documentary wedding videographer means Eaves Hall know we will not be dragging the bride and groom away for staged shots or disrupting the smooth flow of the day in any way. We regularly turn down weddings if we know the photographer works in very staged manner as it not only disrupts the day but stops us producing the very natural and real wedding films we are known for.

Eaves Hall Wedding Video Outside

Eaves Hall Wedding Video Trailer

Robert & Bethany
Robert & Bethany Eaves Hall Wedding Video Trailer

A short trailer for Robert & Bethany’s wedding but one that is brimming with emotion. Another example of just how different each wedding commission is as, for obvious reasons, motherhood and children were strong elements of this wedding day and consequently their wedding video. Eaves Hall has the most wonderful light in the ceremony room and it’s also worth mentioning that it’s possible to capture intimate wedding moments such as the vows in the video above while tucked unobtrusively away in the corner.


We offer a range of a la carte filming options from social media wedding videos to entertainment edits to help you get the best memories of your Eaves Hall wedding.

For more information on the cost of a MoviArt Eaves Hall wedding video please use the form below and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get the best memory of your wedding day, captured beautifully and preserved for ever.

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