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One of the most important parts of our filming ethos is to remain in the background and film the wedding as it really happens, without interruption, direction or intrusion, something that was essential for Marc and Dominique’s’ wedding in Mustique’s beautiful neighbor Barbados.

A Mustique wedding videographer must be aware of the reasons a couple choose such an exclusive and personal destination for their wedding, privacy and subtlety are key in capturing the wedding in a true and unobtrusive way. Marc & Dominique’s wedding in Barbados is just an example of what we can create in a tropical setting and a Mustique wedding video is something we are ideally suited to capture.

A different approach

Filming a destination wedding is more than just recording the events of the day, for us the location plays just as important a part. There is a reason you chose a private island such as Mustique to become man and wife and the islands character should be a big part of your wedding film.

In Marc and Dominique’s film you can feel the heartbeat of Barbados beating throughout the wedding, this is such an important element to capture as a destination wedding videographer, we want you to feel the heat, hear the sounds and relive your wedding in the fullest possible way.

Mustique Wedding Videographer Bridal preparations
Mustique Bridal Wedding preparations

Wedding Venues Mustique

The Cotton House, as you could guess, was originally the old cotton warehouse on the island and is it’s oldest building . It now boasts all the facility’s of a world-class boutique hotel and is a stunning location for your Mustique wedding.

Nestled in 5 beautiful acres of tropical heaven, Shogun, is one of Mustique’s most imposing villas set on a hilltop 300 feet above Brittania Bay. Made up of a series of Japanese-themed villas including the Main House, Little Showgun and Traveller’s Tree Cottage a Shogun Mustique wedding provides everything you would want for a location in the Caribbean.

Firefly Hotel, again overlooking the stunning turquoise waters of Britannia Bay boasts far reaching views to the island chain of the Caribbean Sea. Firefly has a truly individual style mixing a relaxed BoHo chic with unrivalled luxury.

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