The Outbarn Wedding Video Clitheroe in 4K

The rural location of the Outbarn must be quite a departure from their home in Dubai and location was such an important part their reason for marrying at the Outbarn. I made sure to include as much a possible of the wedding location and surrounds in their Outbarn wedding video in order for Paul and Kathryn to feel the connection every time they watch their wedding film which was obviously appreciated from their comments below.

The Outbarn Wedding Video Review of MoviArt Films

After having completed many hours researching videographers for our wedding, we settled on Mick from Moviart first of all because of his many years of experience and importantly for us, his aim to “Use small cameras, minimal equipment & stay in the background. Most guests won’t even realise you have a wedding videographer which gives me a truly authentic perspective when I’m creating your wedding film. My ethos is to capture real moments beautifully and craft these into memories that will stand the test of time”.

We are absolutely thrilled with the films that Mick curated from the footage filmed on the day. He captured the day and us perfectly – the emotion of our wedding really shone through without it turning all schmaltzy. It was everything and more than we had hoped for. True to his word, his presence was always in the background and he used minimal equipment and expertly succeeded in capturing the love and joy of the occasion in a beautiful, unique style that we will treasure always.

Paul Gooday

You really captured the day, and us, perfectly – the emotion of it really shone through without it turning all schmaltzy. Loved the juxtaposition of all the elements together – it worked so well. 

It was everything and more than I hoped for, and will readily admit to watching the main video on repeat this morning with a little tear in my eye. 

You picked up on the importance of the Ribble Valley perfectly. Wherever we live in the world, I’m always find myself drawn back to the RV, despite having left when I was 18. My line about Pendle hill that you featured were the very first words on the page when I started writing the speech on the plane when I was coming home 5 days before to get married. So it was perfect that it was in the film. “

Kathryn Gooday

The Outbarn Clitheroe: an outdoor wedding ceremony

The weather may have been threatening rain (this is Lancashire after all) and the wind was up but the flowers survived and the clouds parted for that wonderful view of the magnificent Pendle Hill which is surely one of the Outbarns most amazing features and something to capture at it’s fullest for an Outbarn wedding video.

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The outbarn wedding video Paul and Kathryn 4k